Optimizing Video Delivery: Why the Viewing Environment Matters 

According to new research from nScreenMedia, environmental preprocessing of video can help traditional video codecs improve performance by 12% to 30%. These additional savings can have a dramatic impact on the reach of online video. For example, a 10% savings in streaming bandwidth would allow an additional 26M households worldwide to receive Ultra HD video on their existing broadband connection. 

nScreenMedia examines how traditional video codecs work and contrasts it against environmental pre-processing approaches. The paper explains how the mechanics of vision can be leveraged to identify and remove details in an image that cannot be perceived by a viewer in a specific viewing situation. The paper covers:

  • The expected growth in fixed and mobile video
  • The impact of incremental improvements in compression on the video ecosystem
  • How traditional and environmental compression techniques work
  • The savings provided by environmental pre-processing techniques over codecs like HEVC alone

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