Owning Input 1: The Future of the Pay TV Set-top Box and Software
The role of the set-top box in pay TV services is changing dramatically as operators look to take advantage of the ubiquitous connectivity of devices. Some are cutting costs and lightening the load on the box, and even considering abandoning it altogether. Others are doubling down on beefier hardware to anchor the experience. This shows there is an emerging rift in the industry about the future of the operator STB.
This paper looks at this emerging rift. It explores:
  • how pay TV operators are dividing into two very distinct camps: STB-primes and STB-utils
  • what the advantages and disadvantages are for each approach, including the financial impact on the business
  • how this impacts the future of the STB in the pay TV industry.
The paper is the result of extensive interviews with North American and European pay TV operator and provides real-world examples of the different approaches discussed. 
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